Previously Created by Me

Under the name Vcrea

Vcrea - Handgemaakt met Liefde

Vcrea (V from Virginia, crea from creative) was created in 2010 when my son and I decided to sell our creations on Queen's Day. Spending so many hours crafting, painting, baking.., at one point we had so many things that we thought it would be fun to put them on sale. The creations were a success, after which we quickly visited the fairs. Super fun. The first website was created with Artisteer. Then I created a Magento web store. After that I used an easy webshop online. I'm like an octopus, if you ever seen one opening a jar.

Vcrea officially started in May 2011, where an interview for the Chamber of Commerce magazine followed shortly after registration with the Chamber of Commerce. Even at the registration I sold a jewelry piece, can you imagine. Within 2 years we had been on many fairs and had many shops selling Vcrea jewelry.

At its peak, Vcrea had around 22 points of sale in the Netherlands and Belgium, before switching to large companies such as Jamin, where the jewelry had been on the shelves for several months at a number of branches, including the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam. Mostly family and friends helped out with the massive orders of thousands jewelry pieces. Vcrea was about to deliver internationally to large companies but succumbed to the too rapid growth. Vcrea again focused on private individuals and special assignments from companies that appeal more to creativity and less to the pressure of production and replication. And now, now I just make whatever I want whenever as long as I feel making it.

Under the name Vcrea, label Maximus I published a childrens book in 2012. The municipality had killed my friend Max the rooster "we sent them to a better place" they claimed (gassed). Max was my best friend. One of the stories in the childrens book I wrote in 2012 is about a friendship between a child and it's vehicle.. (everything is energy/connected)

Vcrea has also collaborated with Becky's Candy Jars. This phenomenal bubbly lady who I call 'Spongebob' (and in return I get to be Patrick) or 'Mrs Boop' (Becky Boop, because she is so feminine) is from the UK where she lives with her wonderful family. She turns simple jars and boxes into mini fantasy worlds. Besties for life.