Be Kind To All That Lives.

Invite Magic

A Blow A Wish charm, to be opened when you need it the most. 

However remember,

"if you can't get a miracle, become one."

~Nick Vujicic (the dude that lives life to the fullest without arms and legs..) 

Trompenburg Tuinen & Arboretum is a beautiful botanical garden where I like to collect my twigs now and then. It is a beautiful walk, with the purchase of your ticket you support the garden and the twigs are clean..

Where the Magic Happens...

Sometimes kids come over, sometimes animals.

Mothersday Gift - a frame I made for my mum.
I added some nostalgia from her childhood in miniatures like the ice skates and scaled down her pretty drawings.
To dry flowers. To bake. To cook. To create. Love for reading. All that is thanks to my mum. We did not watch tv like zombies. We danced. We created.

Amber from Belgium transformed her fairy door to make it part of a fairytale cake she made for her princess 1st birthday. Look at it, puurrfect!! She went all the way to create a very magical fairytale birthday!

Fun Facts

Did you know that unicorns are mentioned 8 times in the bible and that scientists definitively proved that they did actually exist? That J.R.R. Tolkien (the Lord of the Rings), J. K. Rowling  (Harry Potter), Rien Poortvliet (the creator of David the gnome), the brothers Grimm (Snow white etc), deacon 'Lewis Carroll' the creator of Alice in Wonderland (the man was btw also a mathematician and inventor), Walt Disney, Theodor Seuss Geisel, Sir James Matthew Barrie the creator of Peter Pan (flies when having happy thoughts: walking over sea when having faith (Jesus in Matthew 14:22-33) and even the writer of the movie the Matrix were/are Christians? Even Georges Lemaître, the father of the big bang & modern cosmology was.

"The real mark of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination." - Albert Einstein.

Did you know that Socrates, Tesla, Einstein, DaVinci, Tolstoy, Pythagoras, Twain, Edison and many others like Shaolin monks did/do not eat meat?

The Christian mathematician, physicist and astronomer Isaac Newton didn't eat meat either. And neither did the "Father of Medicine" Hippocrates. The Hippocratic Oath is an oath of ethics historically taken by physicians. Its principles are held sacred by doctors to this day: as an important step in becoming a doctor, medical students must take the Hippocratic Oath... Vegans are 73% less likely to get severely ill from COVID-19, according to a  research by 3,000 health professionals worldwide. 

Fairies love nature. They, unlike humans, are aware that there are almost 700,000 edible plant species out there (fact). Yet most humanity lives off only 200 of them.

We all have only 1 life on this planet. Be Kind. Fairies are friends with animals. You do not eat your friends. This also includes dairy (poor momma cows..) 

Color is caused by vibrations of light, similarly as sound is caused by vibrations of air. Pigeons can hear sounds as low as 0.5Hz and can detect distant storms, earthquakes and even volcanoes while eagles can see colours more vividly than we do, they can even see ultraviolet light. Just because you cannot hear or see does not mean.... they do not exist!

Did you know that money is the root of all evil and that the ancient Mayans and Aztec used cacao beans (chocolate) as a currency, according to a study published in the journal Economic Anthropology.   

The Small Fairy Paintings

More often than not, I add a little 'painting' of a fairy on the wall in the fairy houses. The images were once created by Cicely Mary Barker (28 June 1895 - 16 February 1973).

She was an English illustrator best known for a series of fantasy illustrations depicting fairies and flowers. Her earliest professional work included greeting cards and juvenile magazine illustrations, and her first book, Flower Fairies of the Spring, was published in 1923. Similar books were published in the following decades. She donated her artworks to Christian fundraisers and missionary organizations. She produced a few Christian-themed books such as The Children's Book of Hymns and designed a stained glass window for St. Edmund's Church, Pitlake. 

A message written on a Molly Brett card..

Molly Brett (1902-1990) was an English writer and she is known for her idyllic illustrations of animals and fairytale characters in romantic settings.

a Margaret Tarrant card..

Margaret (19 August 1888 - 29 July 1959) was an English illustrator, and children's author, specializing in depictions of fairy-like children and religious subjects. Much of her life centred on the activities of her parish church. She helped arrange sales of work for the Church Missionary Society and at one time provided her car and acted as driver for the Vicar, who had no car of his own.

Ginature's Patron Saint

Ginature real estate agency's patron saint is St. Dobri Dobrev. 

from my own photo collection  

Seeking gnomes in Austria

When I was little my mother hid gnomes and a witch (figurines) in the forest in Austria that me and sibling went looking for. My mother bought many beautiful fairy tale books that I used to enjoy reading and would also read to my other siblings and later son. 

Inde Soete Suikerbol, a book by W.G. van de Hulst

One of my favorite books when I was little because I could identify with it so well. The fat baker who liked to take a nap and listen to birds when they sang. Baked those tasty sweet pastry balls. Was angry at injustice and was an animal lover. But also his wife, a perfectionist, everything had to be done on time and nothing was allowed to hang crooked. That's how some old colleagues still remember me.  
And then the scenery. The Netherlands in the 1920s. Like the drawings by Anton Pieck, which my grandmother also loved. That is why I enjoyed working (administration) at Stadsherberg de Mol in the heart of Delft. The building dates from 1563 and was built as Stadsvondelinghenhuis. Behind the heavy wooden door you suddenly imagine yourself five centuries back in time. Candlelight, a troubadour, wooden tables, eating with your fingers... eating in a medieval style in a historic building.

A few other fav childhood books of mine were Pluk van de Petteflet by Annie M.G. Schmidt and Jip en Janneke by Annie M.G. Schmidt. The Croatian books 'Biblioteka Buba Mara'. 

Of course I was smitten by many wonderful books, often accompanied by amazing drawing artists. Like Douwe Dabbert (pictures left). Douwe Dabbert is a cartoon character created by Dutch cartoonist Piet Wijn and screenwriter Thom Roep. Douwe Dabbert is a small gnome-like man who experiences all kinds of strange adventures, often with supernatural beings. He has a magic knapsack with which he can get himself out of the most difficult positions because there are always things in it that will help him out. He inherited this knapsack from his grandfather, who, as Douwe himself puts it, 'could do a bit of magic.' The knapsack always contains just what Douwe needs, but when someone else searches the bag it is usually empty or contains things such as mud and sand.

Another fav of mine was Pinkeltje (known in English as Fingerling), a fictional character from the eponymous children's book series by the Dutch writer Dick Laan. 

I am very grateful to my mother for introducing us to so many beautiful books. And had us select books from the library every week. And had a subscription to the reading folder every week, which kept us reading. And subscribed to a comic magazine or magazine of our choice. Just like the children's Bible, which I have read a lot and has built a foundation in my soul.
Thank you mum. 

Games I played growing up: playing garbage man by picking up rubbish from the floor with a toy truck and helping my mother clean up at the same time. Making clay tablets with Egyptian hieroglyphs on them and scattering them at construction sites in the hope that the construction workers thought they had unearthed something special. Make drawings on stones and throw them into the sea hoping that children would think that snorkels really lived in the water. Making Christmas cards for a retirement home with a friend because the apartment always looked pitiful, with all those old people alone in their rooms looking outside. And to this day I sometimes leave a gnome in the woods. Or a staircase made of twigs. You never know when a child will notice that and his imagination will run wild. 

Some of my fav artists

One of my fav artists is FantasyWire Ltd - Wire Sculptures by Robin Wight
There are many copies of his work on Aliexpress while using his pictures.

Beautiful Magical Photos of Children And Animals By Russian Photographers and Mothers Elena Shumilova AND Elena Karneeva. Teach children compassion and kindness..

Works from the wonderful
Rien Poortvliet

above picture - Riet Poortvliet Museum, June 2017 

Works from the wonderful
Marjolein Bastin